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September 21, 2016 Edition

Plenty to see at Upper Canada Village Fall Fair

Upper Canada Village’s annual Fall Fair was held Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18. It included traditional agricultural exhibits from fresh produce and livestock to homemade preserves and crafts. Five local guilds were represented in the annual Guild Quilt Show. The...
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Local teen sees life in a whole new way after trip to Africa

Traveling to Africa for a three-week stay gave Ally Weegar a whole new perspective on life.
“It’s definitely a life-changing experience,” she said. “It makes you value what you have here a lot more than you usually would.”
The local teen was part...
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New road sign commemorating British Home Children to be erected September 30

 Looking to visit the local British Home Child exhibit? Take British Home Child Lane just off County Road 2 east of Morrisburg at Crysler Marina.

Formerly known as Heritage Highway, the road is being officially renamed in honour of the roughly 130,000 children who were sent or...
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